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David Elimelech

David Elimelech steps to the IA MIX Series with a podcast drenched in much required good vibes and house obscurities ready to put your Discogs skills to the test.


Don’t Be Afraid newcomer Minos steps up to deliver IA MIX 328, weaving together a deft mix of dubstep, techno and electro.

Eliott Litrowski

French producer Eliott Litrowski delivers a hustlin’ and bustlin’ mix of hi-NRG moves and swift octave-shifting skills. Close your eyes and let the feels flow.

Jamaica Suk

Berlin-based producer, sound engineer and Pornceptual resident Jamaica Suk contributes an hour-long mix of hardline, tough and psychedelic techno.


Perko delivers an agile mix of atmospheric electronics and opens up about how his adopted home of Copenhagen has weaved itself into his sophomore release on Numbers – ‘The City Rings’ EP.

His Master’s Voice

Ahead of our sixth residency at Zur Klappe, we lift the veil on His Master’s Voice, inviting the mysterious German producer to speak out for the first time and deliver a deft mix intricately weaving through IDM, breakbeat and ambient electronics.


Argentina-based deejay Diamin delivers a trademark mix, deftly navigating the off-piste trails of techno, house and further introspectively immersive strains of dance music. Log off from the faux-organic, ad-filled purgatorio and tune in to a world of pure-minded sound exploration.

Mutant Joe

Anyone who enjoyed scouring the murky depths of ‘Home Invasion Anthems’ last year – one of our Best Albums of 2019 – will find plenty to like here. Australian producer Mutant Joe delivers an hour of hard, fast and freaky beats – traversing acid techno, electro, doom-laced hip-hop, jungle and ghetto house.

Scott Young

Ahead of the release of his upcoming extended player on Hugo Capablanca’s imprint, Hong-Kong born producer Scott Young delivers an hour-long treat of mid-tempo goodness, blurring the lines betwixt IDM, DnB, bass, broken beat and other electronic oddities.

Rupert Marnie

Rupert Marnie steps up with a widescreen sample of his deep, hyper-modern signature sound and answers questions on the genesis of The Press Group, the impact of Hamburg and its club scene as well as the roots of his love for electronic music.

Anthony Rother

Electro pioneer Anthony Rother serves up a rare live recording for IA MIX 319 and unveils the intricacies of his monumental studio and live setup in our in-depth interview.

S Ruston & Voicedrone

S Ruston and Voicedrone take control of IA MIX 318, serving up a warm up mix for the paced-up techno and breakbeat heads out there. The mix features a back-to-back set recorded at FOLD in London, from when FOLD hosted UVB and December back in September.

Rey Colino

Proudly flying the flag of vibey dance music, Kalahari Oyster Cult label boss Rey Colino steps up to our mix series with a total melter of a mix, filling the gaps between fractalized acid, heavy-lidded garage house, future exotica and wee hours tear-jerkers.

Gacha Bakradze

True to his love for multi-sensory dynamics and retro-futuristic techno hybrids, Gacha Bakradze’s mix will have you transported to another dimension.


Myn lays down a gutsy hour-long audio trip, enveloping us in a pitch-black nightly scenario where hammering techno rubs shoulders with droney acid whorls, unhinged industrial, trap-infused hardcore and freewheeling Italo out the fiercest Giallo club sequence.


Maelstrom drops the hammer down badman style, gracing us with a helluva hour-long sonic trip. Spanning from old-school classics (Dopplereffekt, The Hacker…) to present-time sweat-inducers (Norwell, Morphology, Hermeth…), it’s an angry tsunami of paced up electro madness, untamed acid and wild machine funk that’s heading over. Prepare for impact.